Book Club

One of my favorite things about our store has been our book club. The Paperhouse has hosted a public book club since 2008. Members of the club meet every one to two months – either at The Paperhouse or a local restaurant – for good food, lotsa wine and some great conversation.

In addition to having the chance to meet with and get to know other book lovers in the area, we have also had the privilege to be joined by the authors whose books we’re reviewing. Great writers like Spokane’s Sherry Jones (The Jewel of Medina and The Sword of Medina), Moscow’s Kim Barnes (In the Wilderness) and S.W. Capps (Train in the Distance), who joined us from Western Washington, have all stopped by and shared their time and insight with us. We are truly one lucky group!

 Sherry Jones (seated at the head of the table, far left) discusses her book The Jewel of Medina with The Paperhouse book club, January 2009.
Members of the club pose with Sherry after our dinner discussion. Thank you, Sherry, for a wonderful time and great conversation!
Kim Barnes (seated, in blue) chats with book club member Inez Alcorn after speaking about her book In the Wilderness, August 2009. Kim is as captivating a speaker as she is a writer; I only wish I had more photos to share. Thank you Kim!
S.W. Capps poses with members of the book club after discussing Train in the Distance, September 2010. Everyone had a wonderful time chatting with Shannon. He is such a great conversationalist and a truly entertaining writer.

2 thoughts on “Book Club”

  1. What is the date of November’s book club meeting?

    • Hey Jill!

      So sorry I haven’t advertised this yet! November’s book club is scheduled for November 12th at 4:30 at the store. I found THE BEST pumpkin cupcake recipe that I’m excited to try …. 🙂

      Can’t wait to see everyone!

      ~ Dev

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