She can’t spell yet, of course, and her vocabulary is severely limited.

Which is actually the point, and a big part of what makes Melissa & Doug educational toys so exceptional. Because when she works with their products she is able to piece letters and sounds together in a way that makes sense to her one-year-old mind.

Joey’s new obsession, the See and Spell puzzles (or “puzzies” as she refers to them) allows her to play like her big brothers but at her own pace. Perfectly crafted for developing hands as well as developing minds, the See and Spell puzzle kits come with 72 wooden letters and eight two-sided boards that spell out various vocabulary words like cat, dog, fish or boat. The words are etched into the wooden board, and the child is encouraged to fit the correct letters into the spaces provided in the board, spelling each word.

Simple, fun, educational. Totally Melissa and Doug.

Although the company recommends the product age range begin at four years old, Joey is nearly two and does very well with it. And, like most of Melissa and Doug products, it’s a toy that grows with the child. Once they have mastered spelling what is on the cutout boards, they can use the wooden letters to arrange in any way they choose, spelling any variety of words or even phrases.

My favorite word combination? I love mommy. The one that usually appears as a “surprise” from the twins for mommy? Fart burp. Hey, they’re spelling.