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Most people are invigorated by spring, and that makes sense. It is the season of renewal, of rebirth and new growth.

But not me. My season is fall.

I’m downright inspired by autumn. It’s mostly the little things … her beautiful colors, her crisp, cool mornings and even the way her weather shifts remind me of mood swings. I am so moved by this season that I have even assigned a pronoun to it.

I’m energized by the darkness. I like waking up before the sun and staying up long after it’s gone. I feel like I get more done. Perhaps I don’t. Perhaps that’s just daylight savings time playing tricks on me, but that’s ok. I’ll take it. I like feeling efficient.

The kids seem to dig it too.

Back-to-school outfits are always a kick.

We really get into football. (Go Bears!)

They enjoy baking.

… and the aftermath of mixing …

And we really love the simple, indoor activities that the cold weather forces us into.

One of my favorites are magnetic letters …. Because you never know what types of amazing things you’ll walk in on.

In the time it took me to walk into the office, check my email and grab the camera, Brock and Jack had spelled out “our family names” on the dishwasher.

And yet even with the temperatures dropping, I still can’t keep clothes on these boys.

Although my photography skills still need some work … I’m getting pretty good at cropping.