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I never thought I’d smile while wiping fingerprints off a windowpane.

I never believed I would have to stifle a chuckle while my boys missed the toilet for the third time in as many tries, even though I know I’ll have to drag a chair over to the cabinet to pull Clorox wipes off the top shelf (I really should find a more convenient place to store them).

Or that I’d start to be impressed at their increasingly clever hiding places for their little sister’s dolls, half-eaten Tootsie Pop suckers and discarded apple cores.

I don’t mean to make it sound like I’m roaming around the house in kitten heels and an apron, humming like an over-caffeinated Mary Poppins, waiting for my angels to spill something. I don’t have it all figured out. I have bad days, days where I yell or cry or forget to wipe pee off the bathroom floor and step in it at 1 a.m. We all do.

But I’m lucky.

My kids are healthy. They are able to run through the house, smearing peanut butter (and God knows what else) everywhere. I’m healthy and am able to chase after them, smile at their silliness or cry when I feel a tad overwhelmed.

But not everyone is.

And this time of the year serves as a constant reminder of that … September is childhood cancer awareness month, and October, breast cancer awareness month.

During the month of October, The Paperhouse is partnering with quality product manufacturers such as 3M, OCI and Papermate to help in the fight against breast cancer. A portion of your purchase of all pink ribbon office supply products will be donated to organizations such as Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Although lesser known of the two, childhood cancer awareness month is just as deserving of our attention. One mother leading the charge in its awareness and fundraising for a cure is Maya Thompson, founder of The Ronan Thompson Foundation and author of the blog Rockstar Ronan. Contribute to her foundation – a 501(c)(3) – if you’re able, or shop Firedaughter Clothing the entire month of September where 15% of all sales will be donated to the Ronan Thompson Foundation. (Check out my favorite – which is also the one dedicated to the cause – here).

At the very least, read Rockstar Ronan. And weep … because we should.

For now, we might still be without a cure, but we do have a choice.

We can choose to care, to hope, to fight. And as we wipe away those fingerprints, we are reminded that not only are we well enough to be able to do so – and to actually smile about it – but we are also unbelievably blessed we have children healthy enough to be making those messes.