I have recently collaborated with family-oriented and local-business-driven site Sprout Spokane to develop a summer reading list. Giddy, I jumped at the chance. Perhaps I over-jumped because I might have over-written.

First and foremost, if you haven’t had a chance to check out their site, you need to, right away. It’s chalk-full of ideas for families looking for something to do in Spokane and the surrounding areas, with an emphasis on locally-owned businesses (hooray!). The site also contains a wide array of parent resources, including a fun mom blog featuring local, spunky moms. This truly should be on your favorites menu as well as in your Facebook friends list.

Link to my guest post here and be sure to link back to Joey via Sproutfor the list in its entirety. Yeah, I know, lots of links. It’s my fault for gettin’ too wordy. But I promise all of the clicks will be worth it … You’ll have a ton of new summer reads.