I’ve raved about this company before, here. And now I have evidence of how amazing Melissa & Doug products are. In the same way that I rush down every morning and head straight to the coffee maker, my boys rush down and pull their Melissa & Doug puzzles off the shelves and onto the kitchen counter to play with while we make breakfast.

Here’s what they did this morning …


Brock pieced together all 50 states, and Jack rearranged the alphabet to spell his own, his brother’s and sister’s names.

Brock (sitting on the counter after being told countless times to get down) and Jack show off their new passion, Melissa & Doug puzzles.
Brock gives us a closer look at his states. His favorite ones? Louisiana, Florida and Idaho (of course!).

Jack proudly displays his jumbled-up letters. Two seconds before taking this picture, he had spelled out “Joey” (notice her peeking up at us from below the counter. So cute!). When I said I wanted a picture, he quickly destroyed his work and smiled proudly. Little stinker.
This isn’t the first time and certainly won’t be the last time you’ll hear me go on and on about this company. We are 100% sold on their products, and as a testament to that fact, we made a HUGE investment in them last year, stocking nearly their entire catalogue. You really should come check it out and grab a few of their amazing products for your kids or grandkids.